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Workplace EV Charging Grant Eligibility

commercial ev charging installer in the UK

Are you considering an electric vehicle for your business?

With incentive grants available, there has never been a better time to have a new EV Charging Point added to your company premises.

To find out if you are eligible, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions.



Question 1

Are you a registered business, charity or public sector organisation evidenced by a Companies House reference number?


Question 2

Do you have a need for an electric vehicle charging system or have an intent to encourage uptake among company staff?


Question 3

Do you have dedicated off-street parking for staff and/or fleet vehicles?


Question 4

Do you own the property or have consent from the landlord for charge points to be installed at the site listed in the application?


That’s great news!

Based on your answers, you are eligible

To begin the process of applying for a Workplace EV grant and to generate a quote for your new EV Charging Point installation with us, please click the button below.