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Why is overnight charging cheaper?

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For those that have invested in a home charging system for their electric vehicle or for those who are considering making the switch, you may have wondered why charging your electric vehicle overnight is cheaper.

Simply put, it is because demand for electricity is low overnight. The energy running through the electric grid becomes cheaper to purchase during the night because of this.

Using electricity to charge your electric vehicle overnight is also greener.  This is not because of high winds at night blowing wind turbines but because along with the lower demand levels during the night, there is less demand for carbon heavy methods of electricity generation such as gas or coal.

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Peak electricity use is around 5pm in the evening and the Winter is unsurprisingly when we rely on electricity the most.

Is there any other option for keeping EV charging costs down?

Yes there is.  While Electric Vehicles are a relatively new feature on the driveways of peoples homes, we already have lots of data that can be used to help maximise range and keep charging costs low, including:

Avoid running your EV car battery down past 20% remaining.  The first and last 20% of electric vehicle charging takes the most energy. If you were incredibly keen on reducing costs then you can stop charging your EV beyond 80% though there are some who will simply need the extra range that a fully charged electric car battery can offer.

Use free charging stations.  As more and more supermarkets, commercial stores and shopping centres offer electric vehicle charging points, the opportunity to access free electricity to charge your car is becoming easier.  If you were, for example, shopping for a new sofa, then you could charge your EV while you browse the options at your local Sofa Storeroom (provided that they have an EV Charging Station installed).

Keep your car battery cool. Electric Vehicles use lithium-ion batteries which can become damaged if they overheat.  While we live in the UK, a country not famous for scorching hot weather, even charging your car on a sunny day can cause temperature changes in the battery which can damage it in the long run.  And this can affect charging abilities and therefore the cost of charging an electric vehicle.

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