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What to do if water leaks onto electrical light fittings

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In the UK, the weather can range from sunny and warm to wet and windy in the blink of an eye.

Which means that storms and heavy rain are a near constant threat.   Across offices in the UK, this can frequently mean that rain water penetrates the building interior and you are dealt with the issue of water leaking onto electrical light fittings.  So what should you do?

Water acts as a conduit for electricity therefore it is possible to suffer from an electrical shock.  Even touching a light switch can actually result in a shock.

On top of this, water stuck in a light fixture can present a fire risk. This is because the water can create a sparking effect leading to a fire.

If you have noticed water coming through the ceiling and it has already been raining for a number of days, there is a high chance that the leak has been steadily letting water in for a long period of time and it has only now reached a point where you have noticed it.  This means that above the ceiling, water damage has affected the electrical wiring which itself can create short circuits.

When you notice water coming through an electrical light fitting, the first thing to do is turn off all the electricity.  If this is a residential home then you should turn off all the electricity to the entire home. If you are working in a large commercial building, you can turn off the power to that floor (if possible).  This will give you time to handle the leaking water.

water on electrical wiring and light sockets

Move any electrical equipment that could be damaged by water to safety, clean up any mess, place buckets below the leak.

Once this has been handled, you can call our Electrical Services team and take advantage of our Reactive Maintenance Services.

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At HF we offer responses that suit your needs, if you are under a PPM contract then there will be set service level agreements in terms of response in place and these could range from 3 hours response up to 3 days depending on what the issues is.

If you are not in a planned maintenance agreement, don’t panic, as our experts will be able to assist and attend to your needs in a timescale that is agreed by both parties and in line with what the problem is.

With an approach which combines traditional values with innovative thinking, we recognise that what ever the electrical problem, we will deliver the same level of service and professionalism time and time again.

If you would like to know more about our Electrical Services, examples of the work we have done in this sector or if you have any questions about bespoke services that you are looking for, please call our head office on 0800 783 9480 or email  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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