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Things to consider for Facilities Ventilation

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While some industrial facilities simply require a natural supply of air to be brought into the factory and a natural exhaust system to remove indoor pollutants, some manufacturing facilities need unique considerations to take into consideration when designing and installation ventilation systems.

ventilation considerations

Food Processing Plants

In a food production centre, ventilation systems need to have air filters incorporated into the system to filter and remove any contaminants that would otherwise be brought into the factory from the supplied air.

Additionally, food processing plants need to have a positive pressure system so that when the doors open, the air within the production facility flows out and prevents the air from outside from coming in.

Beverage Processing Plants

Beverage processing plants have to deal with the same above mentioned but has extra considerations to deal with.  Brewing beer creates a significant amount of heat and moisture. Ventilation systems designed for breweries and similar beverage processing plants need to be able to evacuate all unwanted moisture and heat while confining any harmful odours to the brewery.

Chemical Plants

When it comes to chemical plants, a big consideration has to be placed on the materials used in the ventilation system.  The chemicals extracted through the ventilation system can have a serious corrosive effect on the duct system if the wrong material is used.  Additionally, if the chemical produced is or can be explosive or highly volatile, then explosion proof fans and non sparking systems should be fitted.

Metal Works/Steel Mill/Smelting factory

In extreme heat environments like those that melt down metal, both wall and roof fan systems with motorised fans that run 24/7 may be required to handle the heat.

Painting Facilities

There are many types of painting facilities but with any of them, the ventilation system should be designed to allow for efficient extraction of internal air space quickly.  Curing ovens often found in painting facilities require special ventilation requirements.

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