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The importance of electrical testing

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While we may all rely on our home TV, wifi router and fridge for day to day life, should something go wrong, it is an inconvenience.

In the business world, electrical failures can become a serious issue that can grind day to day operations to a halt.

Electrical Testing and Inspection is designed to eliminate the risk of electrical hazards and minimise potential downtime while helping to spot any developing issues before they become big problems. But what is Electrical Testing?

The main purpose of electrical testing is to ensure that all the electrical appliances, wiring and installations in a business are functioning to their full capacity and will continue to run trouble free. Electrical testing can help prevent office downtime, production problems and actually cut costs for a business should there be problems that you don’t know about; all while helping to save lives.

Electrical testing is carried out both for commercial and residential properties but it is in the business sector where it is most important and more frequently called upon. Injuries caused by electrical failures are dangerous, can cause injuries to members of staff or customers and the business owner is the one liable. Regular testing and PAT testing are required by law as some of the most important requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and are applied to business owners, landlords and their tenants.

What does electrical testing cover?

Electrical periodic inspection will:

  • Highlight any problems with your electrical circuits and equipment and reveal if any of them are overloaded.
  • Identify any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards.
  • Identify defective electrical work.
  • Detect any lack of earthing or bonding.

The benefits of electrical testing

Electrical testing benefits include:

  • Improved safety. Electrical testing can keep your property and those inside safe.
  • Ensures your business is compliant with current electrical standards.
  • Can help to prevent damage to vital electrical assets needed for a business to operate.
  • Help to lower insurance premiums.

What to look out for

While it is required by law, issues with electrical appliances can develop throughout the year and may require a call out for reactive repairs. The most common warning signs of faulty electrical wiring and electrical machinery are:

  • Buzzing noises caused by loose outlets, frayed wiring and faulty installations. If you hear an electrical buzzing noise, there is a problem. Electricity should always be operating smooth and quiet.
  • Electrical shocks can be caused either because of a problem with the electrical appliance of because of a fault with the mains outlet. If you have received an electrical shock, you should not delay and call us. We provide a Manned 24 Hour Call-out Service across the UK.
  • A burning smell is the first tell tale sign of a problem with electrical installations and can be the first sign of an impending electrical fire. This should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Flickering lights that are not just from one light bulb indicates that there is a problem with the power supply and that this is an electrical issue, not a faulty lightbulb (or as we refer to them – lamps).
  • Exposed wiring can be caused simply by age fatigue and wear and tear. Electrical wiring can begin to deteriorate over time but if you see an exposed wire, do not touch it. Call in the professionals as this needs to be dealt with ASAP to prevent it becoming a shock or fire hazard.

How often is electrical testing required?

It differs depending on whether you are a home owner or a swimming pool. A swimming pool (as an example) needs to have electrical testing completed once per year. A domestic home should have electrical testing completed every 10 years (or after a change of tenant. )

At HF Electrical, we provide Periodic Inspection and Testing services across the UK. All our testing and inspection services are offered with required certification for fixed wiring in line with our NICEIC regulations.

We can offer electrical inspection and testing services for:

  • Yearly 20% EICR (Fixed Wiring) Periodic inspection & Testing
  • 5 yearly Commercial 100% EICR
  • Domestic Change of Tennant EICR Report
  • Yearly recommended PAT (Portable appliance Test).
  • We are able to offer our clients a full electronic version of NICEIC certification with our online NICEIC registration allowing engineers to complete results using the latest technology Smart tablets and laptops.

To find out more about our electrical periodic inspection and testing and for a full range of electrical tests available to your commercial business or domestic home, please contact us on 0800 783 9480.

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