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The importance of a working fire alarm system

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Businesses across the UK must have an effective fire detection system. And if your business premises covers multiple rooms, involves high fire risk tasks such as a restaurant kitchen or an IT server room filled with electrical equipment, then having an effective fire alarm system is necessary.

The risks of a fire in the workplace

Fires are such destructive forces and while it may seem obvious, the dangers of a fire should always be remembered. Some of the most common issue with fires in the workplace include:

Risk to life

Your employees safety should always come first. A proper fire alarm system and the vital seconds it can save in alerting staff to evacuate can truly make the difference between life and death.

Financial Costs

The sooner a fire alarm is raised, the more likely it can be controlled. Damage to a businesses premises structure and assets caused by fire can sometimes be irreplaceable. A functioning fire alarm system can help to reduce the damage caused and the heavy cost of repairs.

Legal Action

In situations where businesses have ‘cut corners’ with their fire protection systems and subsequent injury or death has occurred, the lawsuits and legal costs of legal action can far outweigh the cost saving nature of not having a fully working and effective fire alarm system.

How to tell what type of fire alarm system my business needs.

The first step is to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment. This can help to identify the various potential fire risks in your premises. This can then be used to educate staff on necessary precautions as well as reveal what level and kind of fire alarm system and fire prevention systems you may need.

Our Fire and Security Division can provide you with a complete Fire Risk Assessment Report and recommendations on what level and kind of fire alarm system you should install.

Ensuring your fire alarm system works

There are many ‘DIY’ fire alarm systems on the market but they are an unreliable system that has been known to trigger multiple false alarms which can actually result in expensive fines from the Fire Department because of unnecessary callouts.

Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Having a Fire Alarm System fitted is one thing. Ensuring that it works and is properly maintained is another. At HF Group we provide year round call outs and servicing for Fire Alarm Systems to ensure that they operate properly 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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