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The benefits of CCTV for business

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Closed circuit television or as it is better known as, CCTV, is a proven and effective method of increasing a businesses site security.

Acting as both a visual deterrent and a way of live monitoring a site so that as/when/if an issue does arise, it can be dealt with far quicker, CCTV has proven time and time again that is can lower crime rates, improve safety and save businesses money.

CCTV cameras have many benefits to businesses including:

  • Theft deterrent
  • Vandalism deterrent
  • Providing video evidence
  • Aiding Police in their investigations
  • Staff monitoring
  • Staff safety
  • Insurance claims
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Peace of mind
the benefits of CCTV

The visual presence of CCTV cameras has been proven to reduce criminal vandalism and theft in the UK. Criminals are always looking for easy targets and an installed CCTV system acts as a valuable visual deterrent to this.  Criminals want to draw little to no attention to themselves and knowing that they could be caught on camera is so often enough of an encouragement for them to move on to another target.

Leaving no area not monitored both externally and internally shows that you are serious about your site security.

Along with theft, vandalism can see a noticeable drop off in areas with active CCTV. If your business has been hit by acts of graffiti vandalism, CCTV can offer a great way of preventing this in the future.  Criminals don’t want to get caught on camera committing a crime and CCTV cameras located in ‘hot spots’ offer one of the best methods of prevention.

In the unfortunate situation where CCTV cameras have not been able to deter criminals from acts of theft or vandalism, they can still play a key role as they can be used for video evidence to both track down and prosecute the criminals.

Police investigators can often use CCTV footage to help identify wanted criminals and submit footage as evidence in any criminal cases that reach a court room.

Beyond reducing crime, CCTV can also be beneficial for day to day activities for both safety and employee performance monitoring.  For site safety, CCTV footage can be used to check that all safety procedures are followed correctly in the event of an accident and a claim being made.

All of these benefits are seen as positives in the eyes of insurance firms and can often result in lower insurance premiums as your business will be regarded as less of a security risk.  While the cost savings can vary depending on many factors, this can sometimes pay for the initial cost of installing a CCTV system itself.

24/7 Security Monitoring

At HF Group, our Fire and Security division provides CCTV installation and 24/7 security monitoring services that provides your business with security all day every day throughout the year.

From on site security and fire alarm systems to emergency lighting and a comprehensive 24 hour a day, 7 day a week call out service, we can offer complete security and fire protection services to your business.

Our customers receive their own customisable service that is specific to your business security needs.  And with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester and Belfast, we can offer this nationwide.

To find out more, contact us today.

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