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The benefit of Energy Reports

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There has been a lot of news recently revolving around energy prices. And it is easy to understand the concerns of businesses who, having survived the tough economic conditions of a global pandemic, have now seen their energy prices rise so dramatically. But what can be done about it?

While you can switch from one energy supplier to another, one of the most beneficial steps a business can take to cut their energy spend is to firstly understand where and when they are using energy.  This can allow them to make better and more informed decision on how to reduce their energy consumption. And that can be done with something called an Energy Report.

What is an energy report?

Energy reports use monitoring devices fitted directly to your businesses electrical supply that track your energy usage over the course of a normal week. They take an entire weeks worth of data, recording live readings every one minute (though it can be set to as low as one second) , 24 hours a day. Using this data, we can compile energy reports that track the usage peaks in your business throughout a typical operating day and week in the business.

energy report

An example of a hospitality business and their energy usage increase during evening services

Why is an energy report beneficial?

Because knowing when you are using the energy most allows you to track and change your energy usage habits.  Over the years, we have helped customers save thousands on their energy bills because an energy report has highlighted some of the following:

Energy usage during closed hours

One client discovered that they were wasting a considerable amount of energy on electrical equipment that was not turned off properly at night.  This revelation created new operating procedures that ensured office equipment was shut down properly at the close of business which cut their energy bills down.

Spikes in the usage

Another client discovered that they were frequently getting too close to the maximum rated load that their electrical system could take.  They were about to install new electrical equipment that would have pushed this beyond the limit and caused the whole system to shut down.  The energy report helped this night club business prevent a ‘black out’ which would have cost them customers and damaged their reputation.

Planning for the future

While more and more businesses are looking to switch from gas to electric heating systems, they must first check that their electrical set up can handle the increased load.  Replacing a complete central heating system with electrical radiators is not as simple as plugging a few new devices into the wall.  It requires advanced planning and potentially new electrical wiring installations. Energy Reports can help determine whether your electrical set up can handle the loads.

Energy Usage

One of the more obvious benefits of an energy report is that it shows the electrical energy used over a set period of time.  This means you can directly compare it to your energy suppliers data, ensuring that they are charging you the correct amount.


Understanding where and when you are using energy can help businesses to address and reduce their energy more efficiently.  If, for example, the business has discovered that they are using a lot more energy than they thought on lighting, they can invest in upgrading to LED lighting systems.

Find out more

There are many benefits to an energy report that can allow businesses to begin implementing new procedures that will help to lower their energy usage whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

At HF Group, we can offer a site visit to your premises to discuss potential energy and efficiency opportunities ranging from LED lighting upgrades to other Green Energy Solutions.

Our unique combination of family continuity, in-depth business and technical knowledge as well as an investment in recruiting and developing the very best skillsets, means that our customers benefit from the highest possible standards of electrical service and delivery – the hallmark of HF since its inception.

We are the first choice for some of the country’s leading businesses when it comes to electrical services and are only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you would like to know more about our Electrical Energy Reports, please contact us.

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