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Exploring the Contrasts between Electricians and CompEx Trained Electricians

You may never have head of CompEx trained electricians but they form a vital part of the electrical services that we offer our customers in certain sectors. In the intricate world of electrical services, there are what you will know as ‘standard’ electricians and those trained for hazardous environments, commonly known as CompEx (Competence in Explosive Atmospheres) trained electricians. The environments they navigate and the specialised skills they possess set them apart significantly. Delving into these differences is crucial for understanding the unique capabilities each brings to the table.

The role of an Electrician

Electricians are skilled professionals responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems across residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of tasks, from wiring buildings and installing fixtures to diagnosing and resolving electrical faults.

CompEx Trained Electricians specialise in working in hazardous environments where explosive atmospheres pose significant risks. Industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and mining demand the expertise of CompEx trained professionals due to the inherent dangers associated with their operational environments.

Key Characteristics of CompEx Trained Electricians

Our CompEx trained electricians possess comprehensive knowledge of explosive atmospheres and the potential risks posed by electrical equipment. They understand ignition sources and the precautions necessary to mitigate explosion hazards.

Specialised Expertise

Our Compex electricians training extends beyond standard electrical work to include specialised techniques and protocols for working safely in hazardous areas. This includes selecting, installing, and maintaining electrical equipment certified for use in explosive atmospheres.


CompEx training culminates in certification that demonstrates competence in navigating hazardous environments. This certification is often mandated by regulatory bodies and employers in industries where such risks are prevalent.

While standard electricians operate in conventional settings, our CompEx trained electricians are equipped to handle the unique challenges of hazardous areas where the risk of explosion exists.

CompEx trained electricians possess specialised knowledge and skills tailored to hazardous environments and the industries requiring CompEx trained electricians often have stringent regulatory mandates governing the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas, necessitating specialised expertise and certification.

Both traditional electricians and CompEx trained electricians play pivotal roles at HF and ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems for our clients. CompEx trained professionals bring specialised knowledge crucial for navigating hazardous environments and are just one more reason why HF has become so highly regarded as an electrical contractor. We are NICEIC and Select Approved Electrical Contractors providing Manned electrical 24 hour Call-out Service nationwide and are the first choice for some of the country’s leading businesses when it comes to electrical services.

We can provide our electrical contract services for domestic and commercial customers across the UK.  With branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast and Aberdeen, we can work in:

With an approach which combines traditional values with innovative thinking, we know that for our customers, a faulty light switch requires the same level of service and professionalism as a multi-million pound electrical installation project.

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