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Reducing water consumption in businesses

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Technology and intelligent solutions to reduce water consumption in commercial bathrooms, shower rooms and washrooms

Water consumption has more than doubled in the last thirty years and in the commercial sector, this consumption is 50% higher.  Reducing water consumption is a vitally important requirement for businesses across the UK and there are now many options that can help save water use in commercial settings. By tackling water consumption and use in your business, you could save up to 80% on your existing water bills.

Why does this matter?

In a domestic setting, every toilet flush uses 6 litres of water.  If the average consumer in the UK uses the toilet 2,500 times per year, that equates to 15,000 litres of water per person, per year, simply on flushing the toilet.  And that is just in a domestic setting.  In commercial bathrooms and washrooms, this water consumption is far worse. A leaking toilet cistern for example can waste nearly 400 litres of water per day! Dripping taps are even worse and one of the least resolved causes of water wastage in both commercial and domestic locations.

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So what can be done about it?

Reducing water consumption can be completed in two ways.  Minimise waste and reducing consumption. Water use comes primarily from four sources – toilets, taps, showers and urinals. The water consumption reducing products available that businesses in the UK can embrace will help to reduce their water consumption and will in turn, reduce their environmental impact.  All while offering the added benefit of lowering their water costs per year.

At HF, our Mechanical Division already provides Water Cost/Audit Reduction Surveys and Contract Services. Our water cost reduction audit will cover cost cutting suggestions and recommendations to improve your businesses water efficiency that are both environmentally beneficial AND will reduce future costs.

And this is helped by a wide range of new and smart technology and products that can help your business reduce their water consumption every single day.

Water Saving Solutions

Intelligent Urinals

Office toilets, pubs, bars and restaurant bathrooms see regular use throughout the day.  The same can be said for Education facilities and Sports venues (to name just a few examples).  In these settings there are both water consumption AND hygiene implications to deal with. Existing urinals deal with the hygiene issue in bathrooms by operating on a system of continual rinsing that removes urine and keeps a set water level in the systems trap to prevent bad smells from building up.  This process of course uses a lot of water.

There are existing electronic systems that use PIR systems (similar to a home intruder alarm system) which detect when the urinal has been used and then activates the flush sequence.  However, during peak times in a bar/pub for example, this can still be very wasteful as the system is continually flushing.  The latest smart electronic detectors now come with intelligent rinsing which can detect when urinals are being used more frequently and flush in a controlled pattern (for example, one flush for every two users)- saving a lot of water.  This intelligent flushing system can then monitor when the busy period has finished then completing an additional rinse before refilling the water trap. It can even be programmed to complete a duty flush at set times when their has been no activity to prevent the crystalisation of uric acid, water stagnation and system backflow.

Direct Flush Technology

Direct flush technology reduces water waste while improving hygiene in standard commercial toilets.  Rather than relying on the cistern (which itself can be prone to leaks and parts failure), direct flush technology uses the systems dynamic pressure to supply a flush/rinse.  There is no cistern to refill and therefore less opportunity for water wastage in the form of leaks. This also has the additional benefit of providing instant flush capabilities.  No longer do users have to wait for the cistern to fill before flushing during periods of heavy use. These direct flush systems can be set to use a controlled volume of water per flush (generally between 3-6 litres).

Self Closing Showers

Showers use less water than baths do but in a commercial environment, can still be over used (and occasionally not turned off).  This is because they operate on a control valve mechanism which the user operates and is therefore dependant on when they choose to turn the shower off.  Self closing showers have a shut off valve which stops the water flow at a pre-determined time.  This means that the user can use a self closing shower in stages for wetting, soaping and rinsing.  This can save more than 75% on water consumption in comparison to showers which use a mechanical valve system are are an ideal solution for sports facilities, gyms and workplaces that have changing room/shower room facilities.

Sensor Taps

Sensor Taps have huge advantages over manually operated taps.  They only function when a users hands activate the sensor and come with time control systems to control the amount of water used.  And because they are contactless, they have the added hygiene benefits as the user does not need to touch any surfaces.  This makes them an invaluable water reduction option in commercial offices, restaurants, pubs, schools, sports facilities etc.  There are many types of sensor tap from deck mounted to wall mounted and they commonly come with thermostatic mixer valves that blend the hot and cold water to an ideal temperature which can also save your business on heating costs.  Sensor taps have been proven to reduce the spread of bacteria in commercial washrooms and bathrooms.

Find out more

Water cost reduction surveys and contracts is a key part of HF Groups Mechanical Services. The supply of water in the UK has always been a tightly regulated marketplace which means that there is the misconception that there is very little savings to be made. We are strengthening our Water cost reduction surveys and contracts services to ensure that we exceed the demands placed on us from customers looking to make savings from their existing suppliers.

We are proven water audit specialists with an outstanding track record for saving our customers money on their water costs.

Our water cost reduction audit will cover cost cutting suggestions and recommendations to improve your businesses water efficiency that are both environmentally beneficial AND will reduce future costs.

From initial enquiry through to project completion, we appoint a manager who oversees the entire project and ensures every client need is met, every step of the way. In a world where customer service increasingly means call centres and multiple management, we believe ours is a refreshingly different approach.


As Peter Burnett, Manager at HF Mechanical Services, explains:

“Here at HF, personal attention from the top-down is ingrained in our culture. Regardless of contract value or size, our business is based on our customers’ needs: that means professionalism, honesty and reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”


If you would like to know more about our Mechanical Services, examples of the work we have done in this sector or if you have any questions about bespoke services that you are looking for, please call our head office in Glasgow on 0800 783 9480 or email info@hf-group.co.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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