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solar thermal heating systems

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating Systems or Solar Thermal Systems as they are also known use the heat energy from the sun to heat water which can be used to provide a hot water supply to bathrooms, shower rooms and hot taps throughout a building.

These systems can run in tandem with a conventional boiler system or immersion heater that can provide additional hot water supply if required.

How does a solar water heating system work?

The system works through solar panels that are fitted to the roof of a building structure. However unlike normal solar panels, these are filled with a special mixture of water and glycol (aka anti-freeze).  This mixture can absorb the heat energy from the sun and use it to heat a water storage tank for a ready supply of hot water.  When this water tank has been used up or the heat energy captured from the sun is not sufficient to heat the water to the set temperature, a boiler or immersion heater system can be used as a back up to heat the water to the correct temperature.

You can add a Solar Water Heating System to most existing hot water systems with the solar panels fitted to a South Facing Roof if possible for maximum energy capture. Planning permission is rarely required for fitting Solar Thermal Heating Panels (with exceptions for listed buildings, buildings in conservation areas etc).

The benefits of a solar water heating system

Reduced energy bills

Once the system is in place, it is producing free hot water captured by sunlight throughout the year.  In sectors like the Leisure Industry where Gym Shower Rooms are using hot water almost continually throughout the day, the financial savings in a year can be considerable. (Click here to read a case study for a Solar Thermal Heating System we installed for Clydesdale Cricket and Hockey Club). There are currently financial support options for renewable technology which can help to reduce the initial fitting costs of this system as well.

Hot water supply throughout the year

While there is less sunlight during the colder winter months, the system still operates throughout the year giving you free heated water all the way through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  On darker, shorter days where less heat energy can be captured through the sun, the back up boiler system can be called upon.

Environmentally Friendly

As a renewable heating system, Solar Water Heating Systems produce no carbon dioxide emissions  and can help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

Are there different types of Solar Thermal Panels?

There are two main types of solar water heating panels.  A Flat Plate Panel and an Evacuated Tubes Panel.  Evacuated Tube Panel Systems are generally more efficient and because of this efficiency, can actually be fitted to a smaller roofing space (ideal if space is limited).

Maintaining a Solar Water Heating System

These systems require very little in the way of maintenance. Visual checks are advised to spot any leaks caused by storm damage in the same way that you would conduct a visual check of a roof.  Beyond this, the anti freeze mixture needs to be replaced every few years. At HF Mechanical Services, we can provide year round support and maintenance services for Solar Thermal Panels across sites in the UK.  With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast and Manchester, we are truly UK wide.

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