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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection System Design and Installation to protect property and vital assets from the damaging effects of fire.

As an NSI Gold and NSI Fire Gold accredited fire and security installer, we can design, install and provide reactive and scheduled maintenance contracts for fire protection systems nationwide.

What is a fire protection system?

Fire protection systems are designed to provide:

  • Protection to a property from the devastating effects of a fire.
  • Protection to the employees/customers/occupants in a building from the devastating effects of a fire.

Passive and Active Fire Protection System

There are two types of fire protection system – Active and Passive.

Active Fire Protection Systems

Active fire protection systems are designed to extinguish, suppress and control a fire.  Depending on the type of business and what assets need to be protected, active fire protection systems can include sprinkler systems, condensed aerosol systems, dry chemical systems etc.

Passive Fire Protection Systems

While active fire protection systems are designed to extinguish and control a fire, passive systems are designed to resist and slow down the spread of a fire.  This can include fire doors and the materials used in the building construction.  Passive fire protection systems are rated on time so a 2 hour rated fire door (for example) can, based on laboratory conditions, withstand the force of a fire for two hours without failure. In real world conditions, this can change depending on the ferocity of the flames.

Site Wide or Local Area

Fire protection systems are customisable depending on a businesses needs.  You can have a local fire protection system that is designed to protect small, local areas (ideal for the specialised fire protection of an IT server room fitted with a gas suppression system (for example)).  While total fire protection as the name suggests offers total coverage of a designated room.

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