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Make drones with LED lights, not Fireworks

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The sites and sounds of fireworks are a popular choice for many on Guy Fawkes Night (aka Fireworks Night), New Year or one of the many sporting events held throughout the year.

But while they may light up the sky in beautiful patterns, there are a lot of cons to fireworks including:

  • Damage to private property
  • They create litter
  • They can scare domestic pets
  • They are dangerous
  • For some they are too noisy
  • They are bad for the environment
  • They are a fire risk

But what are the alternatives?

Drone technology has been developing leaps and bounds in recent years and equipped with LED lighting, they are now offering a true alternative to fireworks.

The software developed for drones creates pre programmed flight patterns that allow the LED lighting fitted to the drone to create digitised firework displays that can do so much more than just go boom. They can animate the sky in very interesting ways and have the advantage that they are reusable, green and non-polluting.

So how does a drone firework display work?

Software is the driving force behind it. The drones are flown and controlled by pre-programmed software. This means they can be timed to react to music that plays during the event and because the drones can hold station in a set position in the sky for long periods of time, the displays can create three dimensional visuals. And all of this can be done with a near infinite amount of colour and brightness controlled by LED lighting.

So can the drone fireworks do more than just replicate fireworks?

They can indeed. They can create words, logos and even characters in the dark night sky. In fact, such is the detail that a drone firework display can create that in April of this year, a Chinese display using drones created a scannable QR code in the sky!

How many drones are needed?

It really depends on what scale you want your display. The Guiness World Record for the largest number of drones flying in the night sky is currently 3,281 which were used to create a car company logo.

Promoting LED Lighting and Green Solutions

What we most like about the promotion of drone firework displays is that it is helping to push and demonstrate the advances in LED lighting technology and green solutions. And while LED lights on a drone can create amazing displays, they can also be used to great effect as a way of lowering a businesses energy consumption in a month. With the ban on sales of Halogen light bulbs in the UK now in effect and Fluorescent lighting soon to follow the same path, upgrading your lighting to LED is a positive green energy solution that has real environmental benefits.

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