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So often these days, an article starts with something along the lines of ‘Things have changed forever since the pandemic….’.

So you will not be surprised when we do the same thing because….things have changed since the pandemic.

Hybrid working models are becoming a common set up for businesses across the UK. They are moving away from the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday and are now offering (where possible) hybrid working models for staff that allow employees to work some days from the office and some days from home.

the benefits of access control systems

And while there are pros and cons to hybrid working models that are unique for each individual business, it has created an interesting problem for companies who need to monitor staff attendance for both safety and security.

Which is why we want to talk about Access Control Systems.

In the Fire & Security Sector, Access Controls have predominantly been used as a security measure to keep non-authorised personnel out of restricted areas.  Whether that be restrictions on who can access a building or who can enter certain areas of a facility, the system has always predominantly been about security access.  But now, with hybrid working models and the latest in security software solutions, Access Control Systems can offer real benefits for businesses that need help in managing and monitoring a lot more in their daily business activities beyond just security.  But how can Access Control Systems help with that?  Here are just a few examples of the benefits that Access Control Systems can offer in the modern hybrid working world.

Contactless Clock In/Clock Out Systems

Facial recognition software allows access control systems to double up as a clock in/clock out system that allows your business to effectively monitor staff movement, punctuality and arrival/leaving times. With hybrid working meaning that staff can be more fluid with when they come into the office, access control systems can create a better workplace data stream for staff attendance (vital for fire alarm drills and emergency building evacuation).

Thermal Screening

Thanks to the latest in thermal camera technology, we can now install and set up safer, smarter, faster temperature screening cameras for business premises.  The advanced detector camera and algorithm systems of the Hikvision Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras that we use are specifically designed to visually detect elevated body temperatures. This is a common ‘tell tale’ sign of early Coronavirus symptoms.

What does this mean for businesses?  A thermal screening camera interlinked with security door systems can prevent staff members who are showing a high temperature from entering a building.  This can help prevent the spread of diseases and cut down on staff sick days. It is part of our Infection Control Services that we introduced last year during the height of the pandemic.

Eco Savings

Access control systems can be synced with businesses heating systems and office lighting in order to increase energy efficiency and cut down on unwanted waste energy in areas of a building with nobody in them.  Access control systems can ensure that lights are turned off and the heating is turned down in office spaces that are empty.  These small energy savings on a day to day basis can add up to very big energy cost savings through the year. And with energy prices becoming such a big talking point recently, this is actually a very relevant issue.

Fire Safety

Access control systems that allow clock in/clock out access can also be used in the event of a fire.  With hybrid working models, knowing who is actually present in the office in the event of a fire is vital.  Access control systems can register who is in the office through the clock in/clock out system which can be used at Fire Meeting Points to check staff numbers and know who is present and who is not.

Staff Rotas

The pandemic has led to many businesses introducing rota systems to ensure that in the event of a covid-19 outbreak in the company, it does not spread to every employee.  Access Control Systems can prevent staff from breaking this rota system by restricting them access to the building on the set days that they should NOT be in the building.

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Access control systems can operate on key cards, fobs as well as facial recognition and be be easily activated/deactivated should a key card be lost or stolen or an employee leaves the company. They can grow with your business and be scaled not just with company growth of facilities size but also with the employee status of individuals within the company.

This flexibility is designed into the system and the varied levels of restriction and access that it can offer allows business to evolve their security system as their demands change.  This adaptability makes access control systems a far more appropriate solution to security entry than traditional lock and key security systems and as businesses move to a hybrid business model, Access Control Systems can offer safety, security and staff attendance tracking that can be completely customised for your business needs.

If you would like to know more about our Fire & Security Services, examples of the work we have done in this sector or if you have any questions about bespoke services for your individual needs, please call us today on 0800 783 9480 or email  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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