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Is buying an electric car worth it?

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The personal and commercial transportation industry is changing faster than ever and with the advancements in electric vehicle range, charging times and costs, it is understandable that so many motorists are now looking to turn to electric vehicles are their primary source of transportation.

But is it worth buying an electric vehicle?  And what are the pros and cons?

There are three primary types of electric vehicle in the marketplace right now.

Battery Electric Vehicles – EV

Plug-in Electric Vehicle – PHEV

Hybrid Electric Vehicle – HEV

An EV is purely electric.  It has a battery and an electric motor and that is that.  A PHEV has an electric motor and a normal fossil fuel powered engine.  The petrol or diesel engine is used to provide more power and travel range when required.  An HEV has regenerative braking systems to help recharge the battery.  HEV switches between Battery and fossil fuel depending on the usage.

As it is looking more and more likely, EV will become the primary source of power for vehicles going forwards as PHEV and HEV have limited long term viability and the UK Government look to remove Petrol and Diesel powered vehicles from our roads over the next decades.

Electric Vehicle Range

With Electric Vehicles, one of the biggest concerns is range.  Many potential converters to battery powered vehicles worry that they will run out of charge in the middle of nowhere.  And if you have ever run out of battery on your phone, you will understand how frustrating having no juice when you need it can be.  The latest EV models have a range of around 200 miles depending on a variety of factors from outside temperature to how you drive and even if you have the air con on. So if you regularly need to travel 201 miles in a single journey then Electric Vehicles may not be suitable for you (just yet). The average commute round trip is 23 miles while the distance for some of the longer work day commutes in the UK is around 40 – 45 miles.  So most drivers could go pretty much an entire week on a single charge.  But with vehicle charging points in your driveway or garage, you could charge your car up every night while you sleep.

Battery Lifespan

Another concern for vehicle owners is the lifespan of the battery.  Manufacturers are introducing (or have already rolled out) comprehensive warranty plans for the batteries of their latest EV models.  Some of the more impressive warranties cover up to 100,000 miles and eight years.

Considering the average car owner keeps their car for 4 years – this level of warranty is designed to give you peace of mind.  An electric car battery will likely exceed the lifespan of the vehicle itself.

What are batteries made from

Most Electric Vehicle batteries are lithium based constructions.  This is currently the best method of rechargeable battery for long life and consistent output.

The cost of charging an electric vehicle

To charge an electric vehicle at home costs on average £9.20.  By charging your electric car overnight, you can keep your car fully charged should you suddenly need to drive long distance. An average domestic electricity rate in the UK is around 17p per kWh though energy prices are constantly fluctuating.

Overall review of electric vehicles

If you require a car for shorter, regular commutes to work and have easy access to charging stations or have a private garage, driveway or parking space that allows electric vehicle charging points to be fitted then switching to an electric vehicle is a sensible consideration.

Did you know?

There are currently incentive grants available for both domestic and commercial use that can lower the up front costs of installing an EV Charge Point?

Find out if you are eligible. All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions.

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