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Industrial Ventilation

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Used to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants commonly found in industrial facilities, an effective industrial ventilation system requires more than just exhaust fans. Depending on what type of manufacturing and production your facility is involved in, you may need any of the following:

ventilation systems needed for indoor car parks


A ventilation system with inlet louvers will help to remove unwanted outside elements such as insects, dirt and dust and rain.


Used to regulate the airflow or to completely stop the airflow in an emergency.


Industrial facilities can be a noisy place but for health and safety, silencers can be integrated into your ventilation system to provide much needed sound relief for your workers.

Air Filters

Helping to clean the air and remove particulates from the air as it passes through the ventilation system.


In manufacturing processes that require dry conditions, dehumidifiers installed into your ventilation system can help to maintain the ideal indoor humidity for your required production applications (especially if they are moisture sensitive).


Providing a huge range of configuration options from propeller pitch to size, shape and performance.  Ventilation systems need to be set up to meet the customers needs and the setup of such systems needs to take into account whether you want natural supply/natural exhaust, natural supply, forced exhaust, forced supply, natural exhaust or forced supply, forced exhaust.

Dust Collectors

Like air filters but built to cope with more heavy duty air particles such as metal, wood and dust particles from manufacturing processes. Dust collectors use a vacuum system to pick up contaminants.

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As one of the leading ventilation system design and installation contractors in the UK, we are able to provide a complete ventilation service for industrial customers across the country.  With offices in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, we can offer ventilation installation services nationwide with 24/7 emergency call out services and a comprehensive maintenance service.

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