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How WiFi works

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Wifi is everywhere.  From Coffee shops to Office Buildings.  Your home and even now on an airplane.

Wireless networks (aka WiFi) is a wireless network of radio waves (just like you have for your mobile phone) that connects your computer/smart phone/devices to a wireless router which takes the signal received, decodes it and then sends that information onto the world wide web using a physical ethernet wired connection.

The system works both way so you can send and receive wireless information using WiFi.  Similar to how a walkie-talkie works, WiFi signal is transferred in radio waves and then converted into 1s and 0s.  WiFi signal is generally transmitted at a frequency of 2.4GHz of 5 GHz (you may even have a WiFi box at home that produces both signals though these are being phased out as they carry lower data speeds).  This signal frequency is a lot higher that what you find on a mobile phone and the higher the frequency, the larger amount of data needs to be carried.

HF Comms

There are few areas of industry as fast-moving as the Communications sector.

Certainly, there are few as competitive. In this climate, HF Comms has grown and developed almost as quickly as the sector itself. And we recognise that simply to be abreast of technologies is no longer good enough.

From start to finish, working with HF provided Arqiva with a professional approach and an unsurpassed level of control throughout.

John Balmer, Operations Director of HF Comms, adds:

“In telecoms, we meet new challenges every day. But HF has a reputation within our industry for flexibility and a ‘can do’ attitude. As a quality assured company we have the processes to meet any customer demand.”

If you would like to know more about our Comms Services, examples of the work we have done in this sector or if you have any questions about bespoke services that you are looking for, please call our head office on 0800 783 9480 or email  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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