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Telecoms Equipment Decommissioning

Client: Arqiva Ltd
Project length: 2 weeks
HF divisions involved: Comms

Brief project description: HF Comms were contracted to decommission a redundant telecoms site and remove the equipment located on top of Glenfuir Court High Rise residential building in Falkirk.

We have been providing site decommissioning services for communications operators who have been consolidating your networks or needing systems removed for many years and can provide a full spectrum of equipment decommissioning services going all the way up to large scale radio site decommissioning and removal services.

before and after comms decommissioning

Project Challenges: We had to liaise with the local council for the decommission works to take place. This was because the main portion of the residential buildings car park had to be cordoned off during the work; as did the access to one of the entrances of to the building to ensure the drop zone for the works was not compromised.

The work required the use of a 130 tonne crane for the decommissioning and took two separate visits to complete. This was because of unforeseen inclement weather as well as a birds nest which we discovered under the site grillage. The nest and chicks were deemed likely to be that of a herring gull which commonly nest on flat roofed buildings like this. The bird eggs are incubated for around 25 to 33 days. Once hatched, the fledglings are dependent on parents and unable to fly for around 6 weeks. Herring gull have a single brood, so once the young leave the nest it is no longer be considered active.  Once this allotted time had passed, we were able to return for our second visit to complete the decommissioning work.

130 tonne crane

On top of these challenges, we were also required to complete the decommissioning work alongside separate elevator upgrade work that the residential building was also having completed at the time.

Customer quotes:

“A massive thanks to HF for finally getting this one over the line, it has been 18 months in the planning due to other ongoing projects, site has been decommissioned and all apertures sealed correctly to ensure the building is watertight”


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There are few areas of industry as fast-moving as the Communications sector. Certainly, there are few as competitive. In this climate, HF Comms has grown and developed almost as quickly as the sector itself. And we recognise that simply to be abreast of technologies is no longer good enough.

Operating across the UK, we delivery engineering, design, construction and project management services for a full range of telecommunications services. All proudly delivered by our Comms team who provide knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to all the projects that we deliver.

If you would like to know more about our telecommunication services, examples of the work we have done in this sector or if you have any questions about bespoke telecoms services that you are looking for, please contact us today by calling 0800 783 9480 or email

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