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Two Neighbours EV Charging Installation

Client: Domestic Customer (Neighbours)
Project length: 1 Day
Completion date: March 2022
HF divisions involved: Electrical, Green Energy

Brief project description: We were contacted by a resident living at  No. 15 who was initially enquiring about having an EV charger installed at his home. He advised us that other installers had been willing to quote but nobody had come to survey his property as the electrical installation was what can only be described as’ bit difficult’. This was because the property garage (where the EV Charger was to be installed) was located at the other end of the garden, far away from the house.

We surveyed the site and provided the customer with our quotation and breakdown of what work was required. While we were conducting our site survey, the resident at No. 15’s next door neighbour at No. 11, asked if we could also provide a quote to install an EV charger at his home, which was in the exact same situation with the garage being located at the other end of the garden from the house.

Project Challenges: During the EV installation survey, we discovered that both properties were on the dreaded looped electrical supply. It transpired that his supply in fact came from the property at No. 11 house which meant that we could not connect No. 15 or No. 11 chargers to the networks until they were successfully ‘un-looped’.

Scottish Power will not allow the connection of an EV charger with this type of supply. As a result, the customer was needing to have their home un-looped from the next-door neighbour’s electrical supply. Scottish Power were called out to install a brand new supply cable to the property – completely free of charge to the customer.

To make the project even more of a challenge, the deadline for installing chargers to gain the OZEV grant being 31st March, and the DNO stating between 7-15 weeks for a new supply to be installed meant we were up against the clock if both customers were going to be able to receive their grants.

We kept in constant contact with SPEN and through our persistence, we managed to book a date of the 25th March for their supply to be installed. The HF Electrical team completed both installations on the same day and both customers were understandably left very happy as the work was completed before the deadline and they would be in receipt of the OZEV grants before they expired.

What the customer said

“Superb service from your Electrician/EV Installer Graeme Sneddon. Great help dealing with Scottish Power. Not an easy job!!! Cheers”

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As more and more car manufacturers release new Electric Vehicles with better range and more efficient, faster charging options, there is a growing wave of support from customers looking to make the switch from petrol and diesel powered vehicles. And with more and more of these car owners making the switch to electric vehicles, there is a strong demand for at home charging systems to be fitted.

The different types of EV Charger

EV charging points are not like petrol stations with universal pumps. There are multiple branded manufacturer options available and various styles of EV charging station outlets to choose from. Wall mounted 7kW EV chargers are the most common and are compatible with all current electric vehicles on sale (with exception of some hybrid models) and an average charge time for an electric vehicle will take between 6 to 7 hours (though this is getting better all the time). There are faster, more powerful charging systems and even something called ‘Rapid Chargers’ available. Our qualified EV Charger Installation team can advise you on the best fit for your EV Charging needs.

With senior-level hands-on management from initial planning to final handover, and with the opportunity to tap into a wide range of varied services and associated consultants with a skills base and command of technologies which are second to none. Working with HF Group is more than just another service contractor.

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