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Hampden Stadium

Client: Hampden Stadium
Project length: 6 weeks
Completion date: Spring 2023
HF divisions involved: Electrical

Brief project description: Just like so many other businesses looking to cut their energy costs, Hampden Park Stadium approached us looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. As one of the largest sporting facilities in Scotland, their energy demands are very high; so any small savings can quickly add up to make a big difference. With thousands of old, inefficient fluorescent lights fitted across the stadium, the easiest thing was to begin upgrading their existing light fittings to modern energy efficient LED light fittings.   Over the early months of the year, our Electricians have been on site at Hampden Park replacing well over 300 different light fittings in the Concourse areas, VIP & Media Receptions and the Sports Injury Clinic.

LED lighting upgrade at sports facility

Project Challenges: We had to work around the busy schedule of sporting events, conferences, exhibitions and day to day business operations held at the venue.  With the fittings required in the concourses,  receptions and sports clinic, we had to schedule appropriate times with each area to complete the work safely and without causing disruption to day to day operations.

The benefits of LED Lighting

There are many advantages for commercial, retail and industrial business sectors when upgrading to LED lighting from inefficient halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

1 – Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in lighting solutions are looked at in two ways.  Luminous efficacy and useful lumens.  This describes the amount of light emitted per unit of power (watts) by the light source.  Upgrading to LED lighting can result in 65% or more improvement in energy efficiency of your business facilities lighting.  If you are currently using outdated and energy inefficient lighting, this energy saving can be even more.

2 – Long Life

The components of an LED light and the way that they generate light means that they have a far greater lifespan than other light sources.  A traditional light bulbs filament will weaken over time which causes the bulb to burn out – LEDs don’t burn out.  An LED’s bulb produces low heat levels, is durable and energy efficient which makes it possible to outlast other light bulb types by thousands of hours.

3 – Increased Brightness and Intensity

Because LED lighting is capable of emitting such a high level of brightness, it can offer increase lighting power over halogen meaning that not only does it require less power to turn on an LED light.  You actually need less LED lights to achieve the same room lighting. Which can save you even more in running costs.

4 – Reduced heat output

It is well known that older lighting solutions gave off more heat than light energy.  LED lights are able to operate at a significantly lower temperature and what little heat they do give off is actually dissipated in a special heat sink. And because LEDs do not emit infrared radiation, they are ideal for lighting heat sensitive areas such is in food production facilities, Museums and medical facilities.

5 – Reliability

LED lighting is a far more reliable lighting option. Not just because of the increased lighting hours that they provide.  But because they can operate in colder temperatures (ideal for walk in freezers) and are more durable to impact and vibrations because they have no filament or fragile parts they are a more reliable option for busy commercial and industrial facilities that need reliable lighting solutions through all hours of the day.

6 – Increased colour rendering

LED lighting has a strong Colour Rendering Index (CRI) which is a measurement of lights ability to reveal the colours of objects compared to an ideal light source aka natural light from the sun.  LED lighting with a high CRI makes them an ideal solution for night time security lighting where they can illuminate more objects in a surrounding area thanks to a higher CRI.

7 – Design Flexibility

LED lighting can be bunched into a unit to replace larger bulbs or be arranged in isolation in smaller devices.  They can be strung out in a sequence and come in a wide range of colours.  In fact, LEDs are available in a wide range of Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) values ranging from Cool to warm, yellow, white light and so much more.  This design freedom means that they can be used to great effect by interior designers, retail stores, museums and so much more.

8 – Instant results

While CFLs take a few moments to warm up and an incandescent bulb works by heating a filament to a temperature that produces light, LEDs are instantaneous and operate at full brightness the moment you flip the switch.

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Providing Manned 24 hour Call-out Service nationwide, we are the first choice for some of the country’s leading businesses when it comes to electrical services. From Electrical Installations to Planned Maintenance Contracts, quality service and peace of mind are the principles on which the Fulton family founded the company and its electrical services all those years ago, and it’s just as important today.

If you would like to find out more about LED lighting and upgrading your commercial, retail or industrial facilities lighting to LED, please contact us today.

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