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Heating a Swimming Pool

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Across the UK, there are a countless number of swimming pools of all shapes and sizes found in leisure centres, sports facilities, gyms, hotels and private homes.

And the heating of these pools on a daily basis is an incredibly important part of the enjoyment and usability of these swimming pools. After all, if you have ever dipped your toe into the North Sea in the Winter, you will know that swimming in cold water is not that much fun.

But how does a swimming pool get heated?

There are several ways to heat a swimming pool from heat pumps to solar panel options but the most popular type of heating system for heating a swimming pool is with commercial boilers.
A gas boiler can be used to heat indoor and outdoor pools and works in the same way that common residential boilers operate. Only this time, instead of heating your homes hot tap, it heats up thousands of litres of water.

  • The step by step of heating a swimming pool
  • The pool is filled with cold water
  • This water is pumped out of the pool using a pump
  • The cold water is filtered and then sent to the boiler
  • The boiler heats the water to the ideal temperature (based on facility specifications and pool size)
  • The warmed up water is pumped back into the swimming pool

This is an automated loop system that happens continuously to help maintain a constant flow of warm water.

heating a swimming pool

What size of boiler do you need to heat a swimming pool?

The size of the boiler depends on the size of the swimming pool. In the exact same way that the size of your home will dictate what size of boiler you need to heat your house.

Boilers size is measured in kW output. The larger the pool, the more kW you will need.

How long does it take to heat a swimming pool?

Anywhere between one and two days depending on the size of the pool the size of the boiler and whether the swimming pool is indoors our outdoors.

How HF Group can help

Through our Mechanical & Heating divisions, HF Group can provide heating solutions for swimming pools both indoors and out. With years of experience in this sector, our experience and opportunity to tap into a wide range of varied services and associated consultants means that working with HF Group is more than just another service contractor.

To find out more, please call our head office today.

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