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Electric Vehicles and their Lithium Ion Batteries

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It is estimated that by 2030, there will be around 30 million electric cars across the roads of Europe.

With so many battery powered cars hitting the roads, one of the big concerns about electric vehicles, alongside range anxiety, is what happens to the batteries after the car has reached the end of its life?

Modern electric vehicle batteries are capable of 100,000s  of miles worth of use, far more than the life expectancy of the vehicle in question.  This means that even after 200,000 miles worth of use, an electric car battery is still theoretically operating at between 85 and 90% (depending of course of climate and what kind of usage it has had).  If the battery is then replaced, it can still fulfil a use repurposed for other tasks rather than being recycled.

Various car manufacturers are now offering recycling solutions for the lithium ion batteries found in electric vehicles.  Nissan, for example, is reusing the electric batteries in its own factories while Volkswagen have created a battery recycling centre that can process thousands of batteries every year.

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When it does come time for the battery to be retired, what happens next?

Recycling capabilities for electric vehicle batteries are developing faster and faster. They are now at the point where they can grind down the components of an old electric car battery and extract the raw materials including lithium, nickel and manganese to then be used to make new batteries.

As with so many developing technologies in the green energy sector, things are moving incredibly quickly and with every day, we are making new and exciting advances that can help us get to Net Zero faster.

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HF Green Energy

As one of the oldest Electrical Contractors in Scotland, HF Group is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and efficient future. From energy surveys and design all the way to full installation and year round maintenance contracts, we offer a bright way forward for green energy solutions to meet commercial business and domestic requirements. Which is why we share such a keen interest in all things to do with electric vehicles. From the EV charging points that we can install all the way to the battery life of the vehicles themselves. To find out more about EV Charging Points and the Government Grants currently available that can reduce the initial cost of having them installed, contact us today.

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