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Business benefits of Electric Vehicles

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Why switching to electric vehicles and having EV Charging Stations fitted at your business is the way forwards.

Electric vehicles have been gaining traction for a number of years now and there is a real sense that the days of petrol and diesel are numbered.  More and more car manufacturers are confirming dates when they intend to stop selling fossil fuelled vehicles in the UK and become fully electric.  And this all means that it is only a matter of time before your next car (for both personal and commercial use) is electric.  But what does that mean for company cars and the benefits to businesses by having electric vehicles and EV charging stations at your business address?

There are many benefits to going electric with very few downsides.  In fact, many of the supposed issues with going electric are either outdated (thanks to advances and developments in battery technology) or are just myths that have hung around for far too long.

Electric Vehicles are better for the environment

When you take into account the manufacturing process and the average life expectancy of an electric vehicle, it is estimated that an electric vehicle will emit anywhere from 30-80% less CO2 than a traditional petrol vehicle and even less compared to a diesel vehicle.  All in all, running an electric vehicle from start to finish emits a lot less CO2 into the environment.

They cost less to run

An electric car has fewer components than a traditional petrol or diesel car.  There is no exhaust system, combustion engine etc and that reduces a lot of moving parts from the inside of a car. This all means that the car can run more reliably (touch wood) and repair and servicing costs will be less. And then of course there is the day to day running costs.  While energy prices have been going up, so too has petrol and diesel.  Running an electric car is cheaper than having to fill up at the pumps once every couple of weeks.

No congestion charges

More and more cities in the UK are introducing congestion charge zones.  London needs no introduction to this one of course but Glasgow, Birmingham and many more cities have been introducing the same system recently.  And for those that haven’t yet, it is only a matter of time.

Less Road Tax

Business owners looking to switch to electric vehicles can benefit from having to pay zero road tax. Why?  Because road tax is calculated based on CO2 emissions.

Government Grants

There are currently Government grants available to help reduce the cost of the purchase of an electric vehicle.  Click here to find out more.

EV Charging Points

There is a growing wave of support for electric vehicles in both the commercial and consumer sectors that is currently exceeding the electric vehicle charging network. There is a great demand for charging stations across the country that needs to be met.

At HF Group, we are a group of world-class companies leading the way in next-generation technologies; and all with a family continuity at management level which is rarely seen. We can provide a complete electric vehicle charging service. From advising on the best charging station units for your installation to providing year round maintenance contracts to ensure your system is always running at full power.

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