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Looking back at a renewable project from the 1970’s

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For many, renewable energy is a relatively new pursuit as we all try to move towards net zero by 2050.

But renewable, clean energy solutions have been in use for decades. Solar panels for example were first patented in the 1880’s! Hydro electric power is another popular source of renewable energy that has been in use for decades with the likes of the Hoover Dam (where construction first began in 1931) producing hydro electric power year after year for multiple states across the pond.

Another hydro electric scheme a little closer to home is that of Knoydart in Scotland.  A project that we were directly involved in nearly 50 years ago in 1976.

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The hydro electric dam itself has been in the news recently as one of the many articles related to the cost of living crisis that is currently hitting the UK.  The article on the BBC website highlights that, due to its location, Knoydart is completely off the national grid and relies on all its power directly from the local hydro electric dam. As one of the most rugged and remote locations in the UK, Knoydart draws its power from Loch Bhraomisaig, generating around 280kW for the residents and businesses in the area meaning that the whole area is able to run its own electricity rates and it not governed by the national grid prices.

HF’s involvement in the project nearly 50 years ago focused purely on electrical installation work and revolved around the mains and distribution set up for the area.  We ran nearly 3km worth of electrical cable linking the various distribution boards for each house with the main powerlines linking to the hydro electric dam. As with all the work we do, there were challenges in the project ranging from weather to access.  After all, this was nearly half a century ago and access to Knoydart was even more difficult back then than it is now.

Looking to the future

While it is nice to look back at green energy electrical services that we have worked on in the past, we are more focused than ever on the green energy projects of the future. From EV Charger Fittings to Solar PV installations, energy efficiency reports and battery storage systems.  Through our range of Green Energy Services, we are offering our customers a bright way forward for energy solutions in your business or home.

Leading the charge towards a more sustainable and efficient future from one of the oldest and most highly regarded electrical services contractors in the UK.

Well connected for the future of green energy

The name HF occupies an unprecedented position in industry across the UK. We have diversified and developed abreast of industry advancements and have grown into a group of world-class companies leading the way in next-generation technologies; and all with a family continuity at management level which is rarely seen.

With senior-level hands-on management from initial planning to final handover, and with the opportunity to tap into a wide range of varied services and associated consultants with a skills base and command of technologies which are second to none. Working with HF is more than just another service contractor.

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As with any new technology, there is much to discover for businesses in the UK over the potential applications, benefits and money saving benefits of green energy. With offices across the UK, we can offer our green energy services across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and are happy to discuss the full range of exciting services that we can offer your business as we all move towards a greener future.

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